“Hello World”

Hello world!

The first thing you do in coding. Why not the first thing in blogging?

This is not my first blog but it is my first blog in a very long time. The first iteration of keeganlarson.com was driven by the desire to establish a brand and learn a bit about coding along the way. My desire was to publish as much as possible without focusing on any niche topic. I feel that it was more about talking than providing real substance or value. “SEO” was a bigger deal that providing quality content.

This iteration will be different. I want this to be about exploration, learning, and discovery. I am certainly not an expert but I definitely like the learning process that goes into it. I have interests in data, science, business, science, history and much more. I’ll probably touch on all of those at some point.

It will take some time to find my voice. I have not written long form in quite some time. It seems everything now gets distilled into a short email or power point presentation. Bear with me if you come across these in the early days. They’ll get better, I promise.

Where this is going, I don’t know. To paraphrase South Park: “Step 1: start a blog, Step 3: takeover the world.” Step 2 is going to be an adventure.

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