Robert Shiller on Market Bubbles and Busts


David Wessel from WSJ Money interviews Robert Shiller about market bubbles and busts – and even where the term “irrational exuberance” came from. I generally enjoy Wessel and this interview was an insightful look into Shiller’s thinking about bubbles. Yes, they should be preventable but the reality is we don’t have an effective way to […]

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Nate Silver’s Predictions for the 2016 Election


Nate Silver is interviewed by the Aspen Institute in January 2013 on questions about the 2016 Presidential election. This is a good three years away and he’s already saying that it seems to him that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee. Will he be right? Video transcript below: Interviewer: Do you see any democrats […]

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Robert Shiller Interview with The Guardian


I like when some of our best academics get a chance to talk about ideas and solutions to problems they see. In this Robert Shiller interview, he gets an opportunity to do just that. His views on democratizing financial instruments and making them serve the people is at the heart of many economics theories – […]

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Anchoring with Daniel Kahneman


This video explains anchoring with the voice from Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman. It is put together with nice graphics from farrastrausgiroux on YouTube. Below is the video transcript: [Kahneman in the background] Suppose I ask you whether the average price of German cars in the United States is more or less that $100,000. You probably […]

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How to Find Your Niche with Nate Silver


I really wish this interview with Nate Silver had gone a little deeper. It felt very superficial and that he only briefly touched on a number of insightful topics. I like that he discusses taking an analytical approach to areas where there traditionally haven’t been. Silver’s examples of poker, politics and baseball are just a […]

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